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Bed Bug Heat Treatment

Using a heat treatment to kill the bed bugs in your home is the most effective way to get rid of bed bugs. Especially now that chemical resistant bed bugs are becoming more and more common. Heat treatments are also a favored option because it allows you to treat “save” more furniture and mattresses than the chemical would allow. Though heat treatments can be expensive, they can sometimes save you more money in the long run by saving your beds and furniture. Heat treatments involve less prep work than chemical treatments which can be a plus for more disabled people.

What Heat Kills

Heat Treatments don’t just kill bed bugs but, the heat kills all bugs. allergens, pathogens, viruses, well everything. It’s like sterilizing a home with heat. It’s even the best method of destroying odors in a house. The heat cooks the odor out and puts it back into the air. Once the smells are cooked out into the air, You then open all the windows and doors then push it out using fans.

After Treatment

After treatment it’s a good idea to follow up with a chemical treatment the next day. Why? Because these guys are the ultimate hitchhiker! Whats that mean? They could possibly be in everything! This includes your car, purse, gym bag, “public transportation”, the relatives or friends house you’ve been going to or sleeping at, etc. So for the best possible bed bug control practices, chemical should be used a day after treatment to prevent re-infestation. This is done the next day because the temperatures for the first 12 hours after a heat treatment are to high for the chemical to hold up. After the chemical is applied. You should wait another 3 hours before re-entering the structure. The most important part would be to learn how you got them in the first place and AVOID BRING THEM BACK!