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Regular termite inspections to prevent any issues or termite extermination to eliminate and protect your home

Termite Control

Termite Control is a very import subject to a proactive home owner. Why? Because termites are responsible for over 5 billion dollars in damage to structures every year. Thats a lot of wood! Folks this is something your homeowners insurance doesn’t cover. I’ve owned two homes in my adult life, one in Wylie and one in Richardson, TX.  The home in Wylie was built only two years before I moved into it and the Richardson one is about 45 years old. They both had active termites when I inspected them. So even if you don’t get pest control done to your home. It is still very important to find a professional you can trust to provide termite inspection. At Bug Head, ours are free of charge.


Termite Inspection

The best time of the year for a termite inspection is termite season May- June, as this is the time of year for termite’s to most likely be swarming which creates the most visual signs for a inspection. Most termite inspections should take about 45 minutes pending on the size of the home. The inspector should leave you a graph of their findings and the linear footage of your home. Usually the price goes by the linear footage. And remember that there’s a difference between just having a inspection to see if you have termites and a actual termite report for buying, selling, and refinancing home’s. That is a report referred to as a  Wood Destroying Insect Report and is usually a paid for service. Termite treatments these days are pretty darn effective. Most companies out there should be using Termidor. I take that back all companies out there should be using Termidor.


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