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Rodent removal in the Dallas, Ft. Worth Area

Rodent Control Dallas/Ft. Worth

The most common wildlife nuisance animals in the Dallas, TX area are roof rats.  These guys like to get in your attic and make a real mess of things. They can be found from Plano, TX to Carroltton, TX and the surrounding area’s. If your hearing scratching and gnawing at night coming from your attic, it’s probably them destroying your insulation, wires, etc.

Rodent Inspection

Call Bug Head Pest Control for a free rodent inspection. We major in residential rodent control by providing rodent exclusion services in the Dallas area. Having a free rodent inspection is the first step in kicking out rodents in the Dallas / Ft. Worth area. When we come out to inspect your attic or crawl space we locate and find the rodent entry points, trails, and nesting area’s. We also evaluate the condition of your attic insulation and a/c ducting for holes caused by squirrels and roof rats. If necessary Bug Head can replace damaged insulation.

Rodent Exclusion

Rodent exclusions are necessary when rodent infestations are detected. In order to efficiently get rid of rats from your attic or crawl space you most train them away from your home or business. Bug Head Pest Control has an arsenal of methods and strategies for kicking rodents out of your attic or crawl space.  There is no one way of kicking rodents out of your home.

Attic Exclusions and Reconditioning 

Squirrels and Roof Rats love to nest in the insulation of home owners attics. The insulation makes for a great way to hide from the cold. The drip pan to your a/c unit and or condensation on the lines makes a great source of water. And usually rodents don’t have to travel to for from your home to find food. Why wouldn’t they be living in your attic? With that being said, it can also be a bit difficult to kick the rodents out as well. Bug Head Pest Control has mastered many techniques for training rodents out of your home. From sealing entry points, applying repellents, deodorant gels, to restoring the insulation to like new again. Bug Head Pest Control offers services so effective we can warranty our work and keep you warrantied from years to come.

Crawl spaces

Who better to crawl around under your home to invade the rats who live under there? Bug Head offers full crawl space exclusions. Kicking rodents out of your crawl space can be difficult. Rodents get into your crawl space by chewing holes through your foundation screens. Foundation vent are very difficult to patch up and usually the patch work will not hold up. At Bug Head Pest Control, we are the company that replaces your foundation vent completely. That’s right, brand new foundation vents. What better way is there to keep rats from entering your crawl space?

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