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From regular service to inspections to one-time treatments, protect your family and home with our Residential Pest Control Program

Residential Pest Control

Residential Pest Control is routine pest control that’s done every 3 months or quarterly. It includes the inside and outside of the home and it’s warrantied in between services. Many companies in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex offer the same kind of quarterly service but at Bug Pest Control we try to stand out by offering you a service on a more personal level. Being from right here in Richardson Texas we understand the needs of the people of our community. At Bug Head safety is number one, especially around kids and pets as we are the proud parents of both.

Initial Visit

The first time we come out we will first inspect the home for any rodents, termites, bed bugs, mosquitos, ants, roaches, etc. Then after any problems are detected and addressed we treat the inside of your home with indoor labeled products in areas to protect you all season long inside your home. We apply products behind the walls where plumbing can be found. Bug Head gives a visual inspection of the attic. We treat the outside for insects and sweep your eaves of any spider webs and paper wasp nests. After your initial treatment, Bug Head Pest Control will keep your outside on a 3 month schedule keeping the bugs and the need for chemical out of your home.    

Quarterly Treatments

Quarterly outside treatments are what we need to do as a pest control company to keep bugs from entering your home but, remember that you are always warrantied on the inside. So if you ever need ANYTHING from us in between services YOUR COVERED. Generally pest products these day are designed to break down in the environment after 3 months and this is why pest treatments are done on a every three month schedule.

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