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Pest Control Programs:

Pest Control Programs are a preventive pest program set up for a home to keep bugs out. They usually start with an initial service or “first service”. This is followed by a service every 3 months (quarterly). The initial service is an inside and outside treatment. After that the inside is based upon the customer’s request. Or if they have been seeing bugs inside. We do this because you don’t want pest control products to build up inside your home. Plus the inside doesn’t go through the same conditions as the outside such as weather and heat. Most pest control companies have similar plans. Some companies even offer different levels of plans that cover different insects.

Inside Treatment:

When treating the inside of the home, the most important thing for the technician to do his service is accessibility. This a clean tighty work environment, the technician has as better chance at a effective and safe service. Pick up around the edges of the room is the first thing that needs to be done. Make sure you get any kid and pet toys at this time. Next make sure the plumbing underneath the sinks in the house are accessible.¬† The technician will probably need to service¬† these ares. If you have pets, it’s okay for them to be home. I’d suggest to just keep pets outside while the inside is being serviced. Or lock the pet in a bathroom and treat that room last. Have kids wear shoes when the inside is being treated. If there are infants, I usually try to avoid treating their room and play area. Everywhere else is fine. Pretty much you just don’t want to touch these areas while they are wet. It usually takes the inside spray about 20 minutes to dry. The inside treatment will last 6 months to a year in most cases. Keep in mind cleaning with bleach products will leave the product ineffective.

Outside Treatment:

The outside treatment is the most important part of the service. It’s the first line of defense and your protective barrier to your home. The customer doesn’t have to be home for this service as long as the gates are unlocked and pets are put up. If the customer is home. The customer will need to make sure all family members and guests stay inside during service. After the outside is treated. The customer will need to wait 45 minutes before returning to the yard or letting pets out. The outside treatment generally last about 3 months. The is the reason for the quarterly schedule. This is also when the Company usually bills you. Along with an outside perimeter spray. The service may include sweeping the eaves of spider webs and paper wasp nests. With some of the upper level programs even including termite protection! So there you have it. A little break down of what to expect out of a pest control program.