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As temperatures start to drop here in Plano, TX and the rest of North Texas, some of us are starting to get unwanted rodents and wildlife in our attics. See, attics are a great place for rodents to bunker down for the winter. Unfortunately, they do a lot of damage to our homes by doing so. Destroying attic insulation, air conditioning duct work, chewing wires, chewing through siding and freeze boards, and creating very unsanitary environments. These can be serous problems and can even devalue your home. Rodent control might be needed in these cases.

Time to call a professional!

Finding the right rodent removal company can sometimes by a challenge. Going online and researching the company first and reading their reviews is always a good idea. Have multiple bids and quotes. Make sure that the rodent removal company is going to be around long enough to uphold their warranty. I often hear from my customers that they were not able to reach the guy they paid to do the job 6 months later. So make sure the company you pick has some kind of track record of trust worthiness. Prices for this type of work can range between $850.00 and $4500.00 pending the condition of your insulation. One of the major steps in rodent removal and exclusion work is removing and replacing the insulation in your attic. With Plano, TX being in the top 10 cities in the country for rodent removal, it’s definitely an on going problem that homeowners are faced with. I you would like call Bug Head Pest Control today or tomorrow, and we’ll set you up with a free rodent inspection. I’ll send one of my technicians or even come out to your home myself. Thanks for reading my blog and if you go into the attic yourself, be safe!