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How to get rid of bed bugs and learn to keep them out is something Bug Head Pest Control specializes in here in Dallas, TX. We have developed a treatment that kills bed bugs guaranteed. Our treatment not only kills the bed bugs but, it leaves a protective barrier that keeps your home from being re infested for months to come. While must companies leave you with your fingers crossed we leave you with a promise.

First Bug Head Pest Control will come out with GreenTech Heat Equipment and heat your home up to 180 degrees for at least 4 to 6 hours. The heat penetrates the furniture, clothes, and walls where chemical products can’t reach.  This kills all the bugs in the home including bed bugs and even roaches. After letting the home cool down to the right temperature. We then come in and apply a liquid product barrier to the home which protects your home from hitchhiking bed bugs that might be in your car or a family members house.

We understand that this is a embarrassing situation and very frustrating. Bug Head has services to help with every step of the process. We will also inform you on how you possibly got them along with how to keep from getting them back.

Popular ways of getting bed bugs are:

  • Used furniture
  • Rented furniture
  • Neighboring apartments units that are infested
  • Hotels
  • Public Transit
  • People that stay over how don’t know or admit to having them.

I’ve seen it to many time’s were someone that was nice enough to let someone stay with them for a bit. And now they are stuck with a giant bed bug bill because the guest either didn’t know, care, or tell the person they were staying with. I expect to see a lot of calls after the holidays. They are hitchhikers and there will be a lot of traveling.