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Apartment Hunting?

When searching for a new apartment there are several things to look out for that most of us know about. Now theirs a new number one on that list. Bed bugs! And they are bad! Bed bugs have become extremely hard to control and twice as hard in apartments. For total control you often need to get several tenants on board. So it’s best to loo for some clues and do some investigating before you sign anything. Which by the way one of those papers they want you to sign is a clue.


The Clues

Apartments with bed bugs do a good job covering that fact up. So here are some things to look out for when apartment shopping. The first clue would be check out the reviews on Google and Yelp. They are usually a pretty good source for exposing what apartment have or have had bed bugs and how they handled it. The second clue would be just to keep your eye’s open. What can you take in from the above picture? I think they just might have a problem. The third would be that paper they want you to sign. The one that states theirs no way they could have bed bugs. So if you get them, you are responsible for paying for treatment using the company they suggest!