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How to get rid of bed bugs in Dallas, Plano, Richardson, TX.

“It’s all over the news: Bed bugs have reached epidemic levels in lots of big cities around the country. And, according to research entomologist and bed bug expert Jeff White, “This bug isn’t going away any time soon.” So, we asked him, how much does it cost to get rid of bed bugs once you’ve got them? The answer can vary widely, but we estimate it around $1,200. That’s a lot of money, but the good news is that the best way to reduce that cost is free: Detect the problem early on, and it’ll be cheaper to treat.”

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Information on treating for bed bugs:

Bed bug specialist’s and family-owned pest control company Bug Head Pest Control offers bed bug treatments for residents of Dallas, Irving, Ft. Worth, Richardson, Plano, and the areas of North Texas. Using both Heat Treatments followed by Chemical to get rid of bed bugs has been the most effective treatment so far for bed bug control. Why? It’s simple. The heat treatment does a great job killing the bed bugs inside the home. But, what about the bed bugs that may be in your car, office, or parent’s, friends, house that you have been going to in between? The heat treatment doesn’t leave anything behind to keep killing when those hitchhiking bed bugs find their way back!

How we do it:

Bug Head Pest Control will first bring the entire home to a temperature of a 160 degrees for 4 to 5 hours to kill not just the bed bugs, but all the bugs, germs, bacteria, pathogens, etc. in your home. During this time there is a Bug Head Technician supervising and monitoring the home and taking temperature readings. Bug Head Pest Control uses all Green Tech heat equipment. What is that? Their founder invented the idea of the heat treatment!!  After the home has been heated for the proper amount of time, Bug Head then comes in and applies a chemical treatment. The chemical stays there for the next 3 months killing the staglers that are hiding in your car, childs book bag, or in-laws house where you’ve been staying.

Cities with the Most Bed Bug Problems

Irving, TX. is probably the most bed bug infested city in the D-FW. A least that’s where the most bed bug calls come from. Plano, TX hase a mild bed bug infestation. Richardson, TX  has the same or is about tide with Plano, TX when it comes to bed bugs. Termites would be a different story for sure. Dallas has a bad bed bug problem in most of of apartments. It’s really quite scary. Most apartments try to get their tenants to sign some kind of paper stating if their is bed bugs it their fault and need to pay for it. That’s just BS.

Bed Bug Control Starts with a Professional

Controlling bed bugs is very difficult for the average homeowner, and the easiest and fastest way to rid your home of bed bugs is to call BugHead Pest Control. The leading experts in bed bug control.

We Kill Pests With GreenTech Heat-Bed Bug Heat Treatment SystemsThe friendly and experienced professionals of BugHead Pest Control will help you reclaim your home from bed bugs. Get in touch today to make arrangements for complete and efficient bed bug removal.

Do you have a bed bug problem in your home?

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